Tuvalu Overprints: 1976
Updated: September 13, 2008


The following varieties have been identified on the Overprint Definitives of Tuvalu:


$1 Weaving pandanus fronds

  1. Scarred Face and Paddle against the Tree variety. Several copies of this stamp with both interesting varieties have been found, indicating they must be constant. A partial sheet has been found that has located this stamp at Row 1, Stamp 4 (position 4) on sheets of 50, 10 x 5, Pane 2A. It is not known if it also exists on pane 2B.
    [See original article]
Scar an mole on the face of the I-Kiribati lady (left normal) Paddle Against the Tree (left normal)

3c Cleaning Pandanus Leaves

  1. Branch near girl's foot. Position unknown

15c Tiger Shark

  1. Harpoon variety. A harpoon appears to be in the shark, near its fin.
    15c SharkTuvalu
  2. Fishing Line variety. There is a fishing line from the fin down to the canoe (above right). Several copies are known, but the position on the sheet is not known. More information needed.

20c Beating rolled pandanus leaves

  1. Broken "A" variety. This constant variety is located at row 4, stamp 5 on cylinder 2A, but mayexist on 2B as well. This variety can be seen without a magnifying glass.

50c Handicrafts

  1. Scratch on 5 of 50c. Constant, but exact position unknown. [See original article]

35c Fishing at Night

  1. Rope from paddle to the canoe. Position unknow, several copies known.

25c Loading Copra

  1. Double belly button, loose thread, and hole in copra sack. Interesting multiple varieties.

  2. Thread on man's sulu.

  3. Double printed black. This would affect a complete sheet. This variety is not noticeable at first glance, but is quite clear under a magnifying glass. It is easiest to see looking at the "25c".

    Double Printed


These would affect complete sheets of individual values. This variety has been seen on the 8c, 10c and $1 valures.

10c variety8c variety


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