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Books and Music

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Where the Hell is Tuvalu?
by Philip Ells

The story of how does a young British City attorney end up as the People’s Lawyer of the fourth-smallest country in the world, 12,000 kilometres from home. This is a story of a UK attorney colliding with a Pacific island culture. The fallout is moving, dramatic, bewildering and often hilarious.

• A hilarious journey to Tuvalu – a paradise island in the South Pacific and world’s fourth smallest country
• Inspiring story for anyone dreaming of leaving the rat-race behind

Time & Tide: The Islands of Tuvalu
by Peter Bennetts (Photographer), Tony Wheeler

cover Tuvalu is a Pacific nation of low lying coral atolls and islands whose existence is threatened by climate change and rising sea levels. This large format, softcover, full-colour photographic essay will show the world what will surely be lost as sea levels rise: a unique culture and environment irrevocably erased. This moody and evocative portrait of the tiny island nation is a foray into previously undocumented territory - it is the kind of venture Lonely Planet has pioneered. Photographed by Peter Bennetts with text and interviews by Tony Wheeler, Time & Tide is a serenely beautiful and poignant story of our times.

  • more than 120 beautiful photographs
  • eleven individual profiles of Tuvaluan people from all walks of life
  • extensive coverage of the history, people, culture and daily life of the nine atolls that make up the nation of Tuvalu

Unity of Heart: Culture and Change in a Polynesian Atoll Society
Nanumea, Tuvalu
by Anne Chambers, Keith Stanley Chambers

cover A compelling portrait of a Polynesian island community caught up in a world of change Thousands of years ago, Polynesian voyagers discovered and settled Nanumea atoll, a tiny cluster of coral islets in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. The community prospered, first evolving into a traditional culture finely tuned to the atoll's limited environment and then weathering new changes imposed by missionaries, colonial officials, and Westernization itself. Now one of eight separate island communities comprising the modern Pacific nation of Tuvalu, Nanumea faces new challenges: rising sea levels, globalization, and massive social and economic changes. Using personal stories that evoke the difficulties and excitement of fieldwork, Keith and Anne Chambers draw on more than twenty-five years of ethnographic research in Nanumea to craft an engaging account of Nanumean culture and social organization. Readers will come to appreciate how the community's intense sharing obligations, service-oriented chieftainship, and a flexible system of extensive kinship reckoning define a lifestyle that differs fundamentally from modern Western society. Caught up in the Internet revolution and the many forces for change sweeping the Pacific, Nanumeans look ahead to the twenty-first century with mixed feelings. Will the community's cultural treasure, its "unity of heart," be able to sustain them in the twenty-first century?

Moon Handbooks South Pacific (8th Ed.)
by David Stanley

coverFrom lagoon swimming in the Cook Islands, witnessing the race of the banana bearers in the Heiva i Tahiti festival, to island hopping in remote Tuvalu, travelers will find the best of the South Pacific-both popular and obscure-in this guidebook. Moon Handbooks South Pacific provides in-depth coverage of outdoor recreation, with specifics on swimming, diving, yachting, kayaking, biking, hiking, camping, climbing, caving, and horseback riding. Complete with helpful maps, photographs and illustrations, as well as useful advice on practicalities such as food, entertainment, shopping, visas, money, health, packing, and inter-island travel, this guidebook offers the tools you need for a uniquely personal experience.



The following music CD's are available from Tuvalu Online through Amazon.com. Click on the titles for ordering information:

Tuvalu: A Polynesian Atoll Society
Music by various Tuvaluan artists.

Music Of Polynesia IV: Samoa, Tonga

Malie! Beautiful! - Dance Music Of Tonga


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