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   Tuvalu Flags are now available!

Tuvalu Online is pleased to be an affiliate of Flagline.com. You can now purchase beautiful standard flags of Tuvalu and other nations, which are constructed with high quality, Ultra-Knit 100% Polyester. These flags have a cotton heading and brass grommets. They are accurate, colorful and durable in full 3' x 5' size.

Other Flag Products Available:

4" x 6" Stick Flag


Country Shield Patch, 2.5" x 2.75". These can be sewn or ironed on


Auto Decal flag, reflective sticker, 2.5" x 4"


October 1, 2004 is the 26th anniversary of Tuvalu's Independence. Now is the time to purchase a Tuvaluan flag, to celebrate and show your nationality or friendship!

Any inquiries about products should be sent to store@tuvaluislands.com


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