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Tuvalu Phone Cards

Tuvalu's first phone card set was released by the Telecommunications Corporation on July 31, 1995. The attractive set of four cards features scenes of everyday life in Tuvalu. They were designed by the Telecommunications Corporation, based on photos taken by the Tourism Office. The set is available directly from Tuvalu at face value, AUD$37, plus $8 for postage and handling, shipped by airmail.


These cards are only available directly from Tuvalu. There is no affiliation with Tuvalu online.

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phc-2d.jpg (12237 bytes)

Village Scene, Funafuti


phc-5d.jpg (9791 bytes)

Catamaran in Funafuti Lagoon


phc-10d.jpg (11618 bytes)

Woman making flowered "fou"


phc-20d.jpg (13493 bytes)

Men doing traditional dancing

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