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Timless Tuvalu

  • The official travel website for the government of Tuvalu. Complete with information on how to get to Tuvalu, accommodations and attractions.
  • An alternate website is on the South Pacific Tourism website.

air pacificAir Pacific

  • Air Pacific began weekly service to Tuvalu in June 2008. Visit their website for details, including service from Canada, United States, Fiji, Japan, New Zealand and Australia.

Air Fiji

  • Air Fiji serves Tuvalu. The government of Tuvalu is a major shareholder. The airline offers full online services, including information, reservations and secure online payment.

David Stanley's Tuvalu and South Pacific Travel Sites

  • Tuvalu Travel Guide
    David Stanley's, Tuvalu Travel Guide, on his South Pacific Organizer website. He author of the renowned South Pacific Handbook.

  • South Pacific Handbook
    David Stanley's definitive work for travellers to the Pacific Islands, including those who travel in their armchairs only. This great book includes information about all islands, including Tuvalu. The publisher, Moon Publications, also has a resource site for other Pacific Islands literature.

The Lonely Planet

  • Destination Tuvalu
    Lonely Planet is one the world's most successful independent travel information company.

The Polynesian Cultural Center , Hawaii

  • Hawaii's Polynesian Cultural Center, located about one hour's scenic drive from Waikiki, is the top paid Hawaii attraction for a reason. Seven native villages give visitors the rare chance to participate in the daily adventures of Hawaiian and other South Pacific cultures. Add Hawaii's most authentic luau and the world's largest Polynesian night show and you'll see why every trip to Hawaii should include a visit to the Polynesian Cultural Center.
  • Tuvalu page on the Polynesian Cultural Center web site.

World Tourism Directory

  • Country by country source of all international, national, regional, local tourism authorities, associations and organizations, travel services, corporations and travel and tourism media, government information sources, tourism investment agencies, non-profit organizations and much more. It also has the most comprehensive listing of international associations, organizations and services in travel and tourism.
  • Tuvalu travel contact information

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