Tuvalu Registration Marks (Type TR) button
Post Office Type Notes Colours Earliest Date Latest Date
Funafuti TR-1   VI, BL, BK 01-JA-1976  
  TR-2 (1) BL 13-JL-1976 21-JN-1981
  TR-3 (1) BK 28-MR-1979 08-MY-1985
  TR-4 (1) AQ, BK,VI, BL 07-JA-1980  
  TR-4a (1) BK 19-NO-1984  
  TR-5 (1) AQ, BK 22-SE-1981  
  TR-6 (1) AQ 24-FE-1982  
  TR-7   ? 28-OC-1984 ?-?-1984
  TR-9 (1) BK 10-OC-1984  
  TR-10 (1) BK 10-OC-1984  
  TR-11   BK 05-SE-1982 ?-NO-1982
  TR-13   VI 16-OC-1992  
  TR-14 (6) label 15-JA-2008  
  TR-15 (6) label 12-JUL-2010  
Nanumanga TR-1   BK, VI 01-JA-1976  
  TR-7   ? 24-JU-1988  
Nanumea TR-1   VI 01-JA-1976 10-FE-1982
  TR-7   BK 03-AU-1982  
Niulakita TR-1   BK, VI, AQ, BL 24-JU-1976 14-JA-1991
  M/S (2)   28-MR-1980 ?-MY-1980
  TR-7   ? 14-SE-1988  
Niutao TR-1   VI, BL, BK 01-JA-1976 17-SE-1985
  TR-7   BL, BK 08-JA-1986  
Nui TR-1   BL, BK 01-JA-1976 10-OC-1984
  TR-7   BK 20-MY-1985  
Nukufetau TR-1   BK, VI, BL 01-JA-1976 04-MY-1987
  M/S (3)   14-NO-1976 ?-NO-1976
  TR-12   BK 29-DE-88  
Nukulaelae TR-1   BK, VI 01-JA-1976  
  M/S (4)   ?-NO-1979 16-FE-1980
  TR-7   BL, BK 17-AU-1987  
Vaitupu TR-1   BK, VI 01-JA-1976 17-JL-1985
  TR-7   BL, BK 18-OC-1985  
  TR-8 (5) BK 16-SE-82 10-JA-83

Color Abbreviations: BL=Blue, BK=Black, VI=Violet, AQ=Aqua  
(1) Used on Philatelic Bureau mail only
(2) Boxed manuscript "R Niulakita/No. 7"
(3) Manuscript "R Nukufetau/No. 24"
(4) Manuscript "R 35"
(5) Old G&EIC registration handstamp
(6) U.P.U. S10 Electronic tracking barcode label
Illustrations TR-1 (All Islands)
TR-2 to TR-15

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