World War II in Tuvalu
Chronology of events by the United States Air Force (Seventh AF) in Tuvalu during World War II


Advanced HQ, , is set up on Funafuti to provide a HQ closer to tgts in the Gilbert and Marshall Is. VII AFSC and VII BC also establish forward echelons at Funafuti. Landing fields are being built at Baker, Nukufetau, and Nanumea to be used, along with existing fields at Canton I and Funafuti, as operational bases for attacks on Tarawa, Makin, Mille, Maloelap, Jaluit, and Nauru. These operations will mark the assumption of the offensive by  and will play a conspicuous role in the invasion and occupation of the Gilbert and Marshall Is."


Japanese aircraft bomb Nanumea, hitting A/F and destroying or damaging several airplanes, including 1 B-24.


Air attack for GALVANIC (assault on the Gilbert Is begins. 18 B-24's from Funafuti bomb Tarawa. 1 HB is lost.


9 B-24's from Nukufetau bomb Tarawa. 9 from Nanumea hit Mille.


20-plus B-24's from Canton and Nanumea Is bomb Jaluit, Mille, and Makin.


B-24's from Nanumea and Nukufetau bomb Jaluit and Maloelap. Single aircraft hit Kwajalein, Little Makin, and Tarawa.


More than 20 B-24's from Funafuti and Canton Is bomb Mille, Maloelap, and Tarawa.


19 B-24's from Nanumea bomb Mille. 2 others hit Tarawa.


31 B-24's from Ellice Is bases hit Tarawa and Makin.


Following the 20 Nov amphibious landings on Tarawa and Makin Atolls,  resumes operations against the Marshalls, in spt of the base-development phase of GALVANIC (Gilbert operations) and in preparation for invasion of the Marshalls (Operations FLINTLOCK and CATCHPOLE). B-24's from Funafuti and Nanumea bomb Nauru I.


6 B-24's from Nukufetau bomb Emidj and Jabor on Jaluit Atoll.


20 B-24's out of Nanumea bomb Maloelap Atoll, scoring hits on landing ground and cargo vessel."


Navy Bomber Douglas SBD-5 Dauntless crash lands on Nanumea, with the pilot escaping unhurt.


8 B-24's from Canton I and Nukufetau bomb Mille.


11 B-24's from Nanumea hit Nauru.


10 B-24's from Canton I strike Maloelap. 20 others, sent against the same tgt from Nanumea, run into bad weather. 2 attack cargo ship and other vessels near Maloelap, the remaining 18 return to base without attacking.


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